How to use myTelex?

Open a free account and start making cheap international calls. Live customer support is available.
Click sign up now for a free account, and enjoy your first call for free!
myTelex will provide you with a personal local number for each international destination.
Use the local number provided to call your international destination every time, it is yours! NO PIN required.
  • What is myTelex anyway?

    Cheap international calls anyone can afford! myTelex is your solution for cheap international calling. Now you can make international calls local by using your own phone to call any destination in the world. With myTelex you can save over 90%, we have the lowest rates! NO pins, NO fees, NO contracts, NO downloads needed, just an easy way to make cheap calls.
    Cheap international calls to your favourite destination.
    Lowest per-minute rates, no hidden fees or connection fees.
    Compatible with any phone from any network worldwide.
    Unique local number for your personal use.
    No monthly bills or contracts.
  • What we offer...

    Easy cheap international calls, it can not get any better than that. Connect your international calls over the Internet so you receive direct savings every time with our service. Call internationally at your convenience and charge your account only when you want. myTelex makes it easy to make cheap international calls so you can stay connected guilt free.
    Unique personal local number for every international number.
    No calling cards, no downloads.
    Enjoy the best call quality and reliability.
    Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • myTelex compared to calling cards

    No more pins or sharing local numbers! Have your own unique number from myTelex for every international contacts. Make international calls at anytime without loosing minutes or paying additional charges. There are no round-ups or connection fees, pay only for minutes used. With your own phone you can connect to the world without the hassle of needing a phone card!
    myTelex offers more than what any phone card ever could.
    No lost minutes or additional fees.
    Use your own direct number.
    One minute billing, no roundups.
    Save time, gas, money, and more money.
Local Number
Receive a personal local number for each international destination.

PIN-less Dialing
Unlike Calling Cards, call without having to use any codes or a PIN.

Phone Cards
Online Calling Cards available. Use myTelex from any place as a calling card.

NO Additional Charges
NO maintenance, connection, or hidden fees. Only pay the per-minute rate.

myTelex prices are as-is, with no rounding. Pay only for minutes used.

SMS anyone in the world from your computer. Keep track of all your SMS.

Great service and quality, I've never had a drop call
Isela Ford, KwaMhlanga, South Africa
Crisp, clear and the best service to make international calls.
Mary Taylor, Micco, FL
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